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Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

Create unlimited automated trading bots within a non-custodial environment.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies automatically for profits.

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Start your first trading bot in few easy steps


Access with Metamask

Sign up with Metamask to start trading automatically with BmyBit.


Connect your Binance account

Use your API keys to tap into the liquidity of the biggest CEX and automate your strategies to buy and sell across hundreds of market pairs.


Start Automated Trading

Create unlimited Trading bots to make profits with cryptocurrencies.

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Signup with Metamask

Simply create trading bots without sharing your email and password.

Trade with ease

No coding required, with an easy-to-use control panel.

Pay per bot

Pay-per-bot, no subscription fee no credit card.

Powered by Yanda

Transactions are recorded on the blockchain to enhance the transparency of off-chain trading.

Connect with Binance and trade via your Metamask wallet

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